In my sewing room You shalt not poster

Garment is one of the industries with the largest number of workers in Vietnam. Most of them are female workers, the workers are unskilled, with average – low qualifications. This is considered a not too strenuous job, but also not easy. And there are many concerns of the bright workers who wake up early, darken their work overtime in the garment industry.the concerns of garment workers
Garment workers and unspoken concerns
Garment workers are not the hardest work yet
The requirement to recruit garment workers is not too strict; People who do not know the job can still be admitted to the group working by studying at the most basic stages. Compared to other heavy or non-fixed jobs such as miners, farmers … garment workers are not the hardest jobs, but they are also paid a stable monthly salary, excluding the increase. cases, to enjoy legitimate benefits under the provisions of the labor contract, from insurance, maternity, sickness, filial piety, trade union, and other related allowances and allowances.

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