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Some countries do not recognize religious marriages conducted locally and require a separate civil marriage for official purposes. In contrast, civil marriages do not exist in certain countries governed by a religious legal system, such as Saudi Arabia, where marriages entered into foreign countries may not be recognized. if they are signed contrary to the interpretation of Islamic statute. In countries governed by a mixed secular secular religious legal system, such as in Lebanon and Israel, locally conducted civil marriages do not exist in these countries, which prevents non-religious marriage and many other marriages that are contrary to the religious laws of that country; however, civil marriages performed in a foreign country may be recognized by the state even if they conflict with religious law. In the case of recognition of marriages in Israel, for example, this includes the recognition not only of civil marriages performed abroad, but also of same-sex civil marriages abroad.

The act of marriage often creates legal or legal obligations between the individuals involved, and any children the marriage creates or is adopted. In terms of legal recognition, most other sovereign countries and territories restrict marriage to heterosexual couples only and a handful of countries allow polygamy, child marriage, and marriage. forced personnel. In modern times, a number of increasingly developed countries, mainly those with developed democracies, have lifted the ban and established legal recognition of the marriages of couples. Husband of different religion, race and same sex. In some regions, child marriage and polygamy can occur in spite of national laws against this practice.

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