Top version vintage guitar and fire all over printed rug


Top version vintage guitar and fire all over printed rug

establishment have obtained power unfairly and are harming our personal people. Freedom of expression in Myanmar is like a tortoise trying to get carried by a flying stick held by two crows on each ends. We can talk about freedom of expression but if we actually categorical ourselves we can get jailed. That’s the current situation. We need to ensure there is diverse representation in these worldwide boards. We need to have global solidarity to push again on attacks on rights. When the Government of Malaysia tried to ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court there was a lot of pushback from these groups and makes an attempt to mobilise Muslim individuals towards ratification. The government pulled out of ratifying on the grounds that it will affect the position of Islam and will offer an entry level to the recognition of LGBTQI rights. The UPR course of – and UN processes more generally – supply a key website of contestation between these two camps. The second UPR cycle in 3 was seen by critics as an try by civil society to push for the recognition of LGBTQI rights and destabilise the position of Islam in the Federal Constitution. There was lots of pushback. And then within the third UPR cycle in 8 these groups participated in the course of and claimed house. Some of the suggestions of this group were included within the report compiled by the UNHRC. As a part of our thematic report we’re interviewing civil society activists and leaders about their experiences of backlash from anti-rights groups and their strategies to strengthen progressive narratives and civil society responses. CIVICUS speaks to Thilaga Sulathireh of Justice for Sisters and Seksualiti Merdeka about LGBTQI rights in Malaysia and the ways during which state and non-state forces are working together to disclaim rights. Any CSO or particular person receiving funding from a foreign entity should have permission. To get permission you should give a copy of the proposal to the NGO Affairs Bureau which sits within the prime minister’s office. Permission is sometimes withheld. Critics of civil society have sometimes raised concerns about some CSOs alleging they might have links to terror financing or that they’re doing totally different work in the name of

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