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Cape Hunting Dogs are a breed, not just Wild Dogs. Still if you’re fighting for your life type, of breed would be the least of your worries. Frankly speak, I hate wild dogs because they are so cruel and no mercy remains in them especially in hunting… Hippo done a good job

  • Rocky water not a good place for the Croc to lunch his attack, its need deeper water and the wildebeest knows it too. This video shows kindness, but the continuation shows he killed it later and threw it to the wild dogs because hippos don’t like others entering it’s territory
  • I have seen hippos saving zebras from crocodile and other animals, bulls from lions and Hynes. Hippos are real heroes who should be crowned as king of jungle
  • It is not saving the deer.. is mad because they invaded its territory. Hippos are very aggressive with every animal, Humans, herbivores and carnivores that cross the border of their home
  • Actually, the hippo got tired of the deer flailing around in the mud and clamp down on it till it went lifeless then tossed it on the bank for the dogs.

I litrely hate wild dogs and hyena.,perhaps I know all creatures are made by god and their instinct to live by their way.. But cruelty, way of hunting they developed it’s completely unacceptable.. I can’t see those innocent, sweet animals hunt and eaten alive..people who make these kind of videos and capturing it are really heartless..

There was an impala rescued from the Jaws of a crocodile years ago by a hippo. It nursed the impala back to health. Looks like this is not that uncommon. Wild life is bizzare sometimes.

The first video has been edited. The hippo gets annoyed that they are in its territory and kills the deer after. Amazing how edited things can give the wrong perspectives

Doesn’t matter if Hippo helped some to escape as once injured they’l be picked off by other all & any preditors who see the injured as easy meals. every single one was as good as dead once they’re injured. No happy ending for any injured animals in Africa. ‘Buddhism: do a good deed, save an animal. I would.

American Eagle These colors don’t run 3D Hawaiian shirt

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