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You can’t take pictures of the jewels in Edinburgh Castle, they warm you and if you forget the man shouts at you. I was talking to him very congenially when some poor soul did it and he let the wrath of god out on him. Then turned sweetly back to me apologized and continued our conversation. I love Scotland. way back when I was just out of college, three of us acted as distraction for our tour leader to take forbidden photos inside Holyrood Castle. You do get the feeling that every one catching a brief glimpse of the treasures, because that is all the time you get, is being profiled as a jewel thief. We were there exactly two year ago today, as a picture of the crown jewels popped up in my Facebook feed this morning. Your photo is way better than mine!

I went to the Hofburg and I highly recommend going there! So much history to see, and the grounds are beautiful! Vienna is also very lovely. Thank you for this. My husband and I had a trip to Cornwall scheduled in August 2020 to celebrate his 60th birthday. We made the difficult decision to reschedule for 2021. These posts remind us that things will get better. I share your pain. We were booked to Berlin in July for my husband’s and his childhood friend’s 60th birthday celebrations. Airline cancelled the flight. Rick, travel to Europe for us is to see the great museums and the great Cathedrals that fill every city. I love your shows and am really looking forward to travel again. My wife and I had to cancel our 25th anniversary trip to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. Sigh. The worse part is not yet being able to see the end of this weird time.

The museums in Vienna were awe-inspiring with the sheer volume of treasures. It took us the better part of two days just to scratch the surface. If you haven’t been, I think these museums should top your list. We visited in fall 2018, I have many pictures from our time and recently used my time at home to complete a photo album from this trip.

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