Bunny – 3D All Over Printed Hoodie


Bunny - 3D All Over Printed Hoodie2

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Mark O’Neill name one politician who hasn’t lied. It’s what they do. I don’t care who is running against Biden -that is where my vote goes. Trump has done a lot for our country. People just aren’t used to someone that says what they think and he’s not a politician and could care less about always kissing ass and being “political correct” and he can’t be bought for their on agenda No, you’re not understanding what’s happening. Trump is the one orchestrating all of the violence since Floyd’s death. That’s why the anarchists that have been caught are all on the far right. Boogaloo Boys/The Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer/ on and on throughout all of the protests.
He kept blaming the far left when he knew all along it was his boys. He instigates
the wars, has his boys come mess things up, then he is the night in shining armor – takes all the credit. Boom he’s golden! Election won plus great ratings! I’m so sick of them saying Trump is not a politician. Was Ronald Regan was Jimmy Carter politician’s. Didn’t hear the left back then screaming there not a politicians. I agree with your out look. Christine Hood no. If your state and local government fails it is the responsibility of the federal government to step in and take care of business because at this point your state is experiencing a wave of domestic terrorism. Terrorists have to be dealt with harshly and swiftly. death rate is minuscule. So let me school you on something. My moms husband actually works in the medical field for the financial side of things. Hospitals are coding deaths as Covid because they get paid more!!! What don’t you understand about that. 19000 for COVID and 3,000 for a heart attack to put it in perspective. If you ran a hospital how would you report the deaths.

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