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Chucky 3D All Over Print Hoodie

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Shawn Olinick we’re not looking for exciting, we want to survive. Have u looked around??? They are trying to bring on Armageddon. Chaos, fires, riots, unnatural disasters, baby mills, illegal monopolies, illegal detention centers, imprisoning children, child rape and murder, beastiality, child trafficking, illegal medical research on humans, microchipping animals and humans, mind control torture via satellite, attempting to start world war III with USA as public enemy #1, genocide… all treasonous and high crimes. not lies. Just portrayed that way because those career politicians all have dirt on each other so must stick together and take down the outsiders. Imagine jerry nadler said that the riots were a myth. Really! And the rest called them peaceful protestors . So that destroying people’s jobs, future , retirement when they burn down and loot their businesses and call it justifiable because they are angry and do nothing since May that’s ok??? All true ? They beat and murdered people and babies. The insane are going to homes and telling them to get out because they are white people and their home is now reparations for slavery. How do you explain this being allowed. No! How do you explain the downright lies that it’s not happening. Tell that to the families trying to o get by after assaults so bad they are still fighting for their lives or the ones like Richard Dern who were murdered . Or the children. All casualties of war. But of course this is not a war. It’s not really happening. this coming from a man who supports the biggest hypocrite of our generation. Donald Trump blatantly lies when questioned about statements he made in the past that contradict his current position.Not once or twice but hundreds if not thousands of times in the past 4 years Caronavirus included in the mix.

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