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Fitness Dumbbell phone case3

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The school’s that are open will be closed by Oct due to Covid. Not only will the schools that are now open be closed they will be the cause of more community spread and unnecessary death.
We are grandparents raising grandchildren. We both have health connections. There is no one who wants their kids in school more than me, but I know by opening schools with the numbers that we have it will just spread the virus to more people and make it harder to control. Viruses aren’t new. We’ve had a pandemic plan for over 50 years. Look at Taiwans numbers. The reason they are so low is because they didn’t ignore the virus, they immediately started wearing masks and following their plan. The only surprise about this is pandemic is that is it’s a coronavirus and not a flu virus. I’ll post my “pandemic playlist” everyone saw this coming. So the real tragedy is that it was avoidable. Luckily we had Governor Cooper in office to do what he could to keep us safe despite pressure to do otherwise. you are correct, I am new to FEE. I hope FEE is a safe place to share ideas and thoughts. I have colleagues who are Libertarian and follow their pages. I was responding philosophically about the swastika and hammer & sickle comparison. I don’t support police brutality…or any brutality for that fact. I think however if we want to stop brutality per se we need to understand the one who inflicts the brutality to fully resolve this social ill. Not just from police but parent, spouses, dog owners. I want people to stop blaming and start understanding. Thanks Jonathan. This may not be the best forum for ideas and thoughts. However, there is a page associated with FEE that I have found to be generally more receptive to open discourse.

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