Hitokage Charmander RIP Halloween shirt, tank top, hoodie


Hitokage Charmander RIP Halloween Hoodie

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Have to come up with two new (well not really new) but “reconstituted “! STAYCATIONS” for sights and sounds and of course local food! And I know they have custom tours but more organized and offered for those very ill. Wheelchair etc that could have some family and friends to go with and go to their very favorite spots for special (food) accommodating their special needs I.e. IV etc. like a party bus or smaller and offer the setting. Beach, mountain river, park and special place that was precious. Kind of like Make a wish but more natural gathering without the hoopla. A trip to old places they experienced as children or career wise. Endless possibilities and not so expensive as to be unreasonable. Many city transportations buses in small communities run around half empty and I’ve known many seniors who are lonely and try to just “ride” around the whole route. Not to go anywhere just go and see and get out. There’s a whole fellowship needed and to be had there. Sorry I’m rambling. Just miss the little trips can only imagine what is like for you to ha e been everywhere and seen nearly all. Yours as Phil’s would be interesting to revisit some for updates Here I go again.- maybe with the virtual etc etc you and Phil and etc could develop the travel, history, people, culture and of course food for children. One time teaching Sunday School I took each child’s birthday (there were only ). Matched the birthday month with a child of a missionary from our church. Wrote to them and said we would write each month and send info on our state city family etc and in return they would do the same. Pen pal thing. Start in September and by May the missionary’s family would have sent a map, coin, recipe, game and
Information from where they were and you would have a great collection of the world and friendships to display all ready for “Vacation” Bible school. Think of the connections we could make one child at a time in this broken sad world. Maybe starting with an organization like the Salvation Army for a somewhat “neutral” place to start.
Again apologize for going off the “rail”. Another gripe of mine . Amtrak and RR could provide housing. Moving schools and many kinds of training on the “property” that exists and isn’t used to its potential at all.

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