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So I went to Whataburger order the #13 and THIS is how I got my food, I called and told the manager, he asked me to bring it back up there, I did while driving back, I decided I did not even want it replaced, I just wanted my money back. I told the manager I was going to let their General Manager know how they are serving food to people, he said if I am planning to speak with the general manager he could not give me my money back because he does not have the option he can only replace my food.

  • I had to literally tell him I was going to be sure to explain this to his general manager, all of a sudden he was able to refund me my money. I was highly disgusted at the service this particular night I received, especially with it being late at night and hardly nothing else around me open.
  • I’m so happy to know that y’all are dog friendly, it has been hotter than a witches tit here in Phoenis; does this mean I can bring my lil guy in because he needs to get out of the house
  • I literally thought y’all were going into the dog snacks game….my dogs would request Honey BBQ chicken sandwich flavor. Would rather have one of your restuarants in Will county, Illinois. I would love to be regional MG.
  • I think Imperial Produce not sure if there, was another name. To old to remember Imperial was what came to mind.  There was a sandwich shop in that shopping center. What was the name of it. They had a sandwich called the monte cristo that was delish!

Imperial Produce… My first job.. On my second day of work they got a truckload of tomatoes in from California… I was young and remember thinking all of these came from California… I had never been to California.. My instructions were to make that whole truckload of tomatoes fit into this one walkin refrigerator. The owner told me to stack ’em tight and stack ’em high so we don’t have to move them twice to make them fit. He told me the whole load would fit in this walk in..

I spent several hours unloading that truck and I stacked ’em tight and stacked ’em high. Apparently when stacking one of ’em high I bumped the thermostat for the walk in. Somehow unbeknownst to me I kicked it down to 20°… Well the owner was proud we didnt have to restack the walkin to get ’em all to fit.

However the next day He called me into the office to give me an earful of ruining a truckload of tomatoes.. He told me I moved the thermostat, and I honestly looked at him and asked, “what is a thermostat?” He was really upset but somehow with all the money I had cost him he forgave me, I guess because I was young and it was only the second day on the job… Might of been because I stacked ’em tight and stacked ’em high…. Just like he asked…
Anyway tomatoes went on sale that day and all of Midland got some cheap tomatoes..


Hocus Pocus Whataburger shirt, tank top,hoodie

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