In a world where you can be anything be kind Elephant poster


In a world where you can be anything be kind Elephant poster 1

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I wish I wasn’t handicapped, and pore. I would give anything to never see another documentary on roadside zoo’s in operation, leagle captive breading for sport. I can’t wrap my head around doing something like this. A LION that has never touched grass!!! WAIT WHAT!!! ya it’s a mess right now, I just try to keep a positive attitude, but it sure is difficult these days. I’m so happy I have a bunch of rescued furry friends at our house. 5 cats ,two dogs, three love birds and a Conure with a big mouth……but we love him  that thankfully keeps me busy. One way or another We’ll all get thru this. God Bless you for saving these beautiful lions from such a horrific life. They are my favorite and so happy you gave them a new life ya I know it’s too bad conversation like this exists. I wish the world could just take a break and a deep long breath. To much turmoil in the world, we all could use a day at the beach with our toes in the sand and a nice strong drink in hand……with my animals all around me of course I hear you Jeffrey, things are changing and it seems like evil is prevailing way too often more and more… I will always stand up for any and all animals, big and small.. my dog of 14 yrs just passed away in April.. I have. A 16 yo cat and 1 budgie 5 cockatiels, they keep me busy and I love them all so much.. your flock sounds beautiful! we lost our American Bully it’s been almost 2years now, I think about him all the time. He was a rescue dog we got from Downtown Rescue, he was deaf, and absolutely perfect, he passed due to cancer at home comfortably. I miss him so much……..BUT we keep going and offer love and compassion to all our animals, it makes getting up in the morning, so wonderful. I don’t know about anyone else but tending to my family of animals is all I have to keep me somewhat sane in this screwed up world we have now.

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