IT Pennywise Rick and Morty Happy Halloween shirt, tank top, hoodie


IT Pennywise Rick and Morty Happy Halloween T-shirt

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A loooong time ago, on my first visit to England, I was in Oxford. I went to the eatery, ordered a ‘beef burger and chips’ thinking l DID IT! When lo and behold…it arrived sans bun, because I forgot to say “on a bap”… LOL! I was too embarrassed to go ask for one! It’s all good. I’ve been to the UK about 30 times, but I never quite understood Cockney. Once, while hailing a taxi from St. John’s Wood to central London, I told the driver we wanted to go to the Churchill. He responded (or I heard him say) clubotel?. It took me a while to determine he was asking if we wanted to go to the Churchill Hotel or the Churchill Club. Was born in Swindon, England. My dad was Air Force. Spent a year and a half there after birth and went back to states(South Georgia) with all sorts of phrases my parents had to translate for my grandparents. Rick, I love your articles and TV episodes. I lived in Germany for 5 years and visited several countries, but never made it to the UK. I do, however, listen to a lot of NPR, At night when broadcast of BBC are aired, I’m fascinated by the varied English accents. With all the variations of the Queen’s English, I don’t understand why so many words lack distinct pronunciations. For example, “military” becomes “militry” and so on. How often is “thank you” followed by “indeed”? Why must words ending with a vowel have an “R” added if the next word begins with a vowel? Why is the word “talk” pronounced as if it were “toke”? On the British Baking Show Paul begins most comments with “Right…” I actually like the way the word “been” is pronounced; Americans should adopt that ! When folks from the US say “um,” those in the UK say “em.” Too much rambling on my part…

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