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Taking care of a Down Syndrome child requires love , when you see people getting photos with baby lions in Africa… this is where they end up. all baby lions bred for tourist photos end up being killed later by high paying “big game hunters” which is so evil as these lions trust humans and we’re raised by them. As a South African I can tell you that there would definitely be no such bill, especially for rhino, as they have been so savagely poached for the Asian market that there are barely any left. They still foxes and wolves and bobcats and panthers and tigers and MANY other species all for sport, not even to eat. And cage for human entertainment. So sad, humans are disgusting. We have no moral compass or boundaries at all. Pleasure and money take precedence, just like in the Bible in Sodom. I hope not this is awful. What is wrong with people, is it about money? The people and their customers should b held to the highest extent of law and other countries should join in. The world belongs to all of us, God gave mankind to take care of the earth and animals, not abuse it. It is legal now. We butcher our wild animals now for meat…. I am South African and I know it is happening. Shameful disgusting government of ours. Trophy hunters are nothing but sadists and those that allow this type of animal exploitation are no better. I only wish they would hunt one another instead. May they all die excruciating deaths and rot in hell for all eternity. Captive bred hunting..how can that be legal? Allowing sociopaths to legally kill something is sick!!…it should be illegal and those that want to hunt this way should hunt each other…they have no place on this planet..

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