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Skull with Pink Rose 3D hoodie

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Recently I was talking to my son (he has Aspergers) about his life and he said something that took me back, “honestly Mom, I didn’t see myself living this long”. we have to tell ourselves to keep looking, that there is a door. One step, one day, one breath at a time. It can be overwhelmingly isolating in a room full of people, but some how, some way we must keep moving forward. The really heart breaking thing is, the more nutrient deficient we become through food grown in depleted soil and junk food with little or no nutrients plus the lack of information about how issues such as zinc deficiency can cause a mental imbalance (especially in male teenagers as they become sexually active as male bodies require and use more zinc than females) the worse this statistic will be.
When our doctors start to receive more than just a handful of hours nutritional training we might start to get somewhere and start to save lives.
Check out Carl Pfeiffer and Patrick Holford’s work on mental illness from nutritional deficiency. The trial they carried out on a group of willing young offenders whereby they change their diets and added high quality supplements is eye opening. It breaks my heart how we could be doing so much more if only this information was mainstream. This is written by someone who knows only too well that inappropriate food choices quickly leads to emotional imbalance, paranoia and depression. I know it is complicated and there are many factors that contribute to mental illness but I pray that the nutritional approach to mental well-being becomes mainstream as soon as possible.

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