The Grinch as Leather Zipper tote bag


The Grinch as Leather Zipper tote bag 1

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Exactly what is your evidence to support that??? To counter that be sure to notice that our state is doing much better with COVID than our southern neighbors- that’s attributable to Cooper. He’s tried and tried to expand Medicaid to 500000 North Carolinians who lack insurance. Gosh those 2 things alone show he cares about us a lot. I will vote for Roy Cooper because He has shown He is concerned about us. If He wasn’t we would not be wearing mask etc. And covid would be rampant more so than it is. forest does not care about anyone. Not even himself. There’s absolutely nothing that can be said to change someone’s mind if they’ve decided they care more about their party than actual human beings. Don’t waste your time on these folks, A I don’t like the idea of vouchers. I favor educational choice. If you don’t want to send your child to public school, then you don’t pay the taxes for doing so and can use that money for the non-public educational model / institution of your choice. with that logic, I don’t use the Senior Center or the health department in my county. I also don’t drive to the southern part of my county. Does this mean I should be allowed to choose where my tax dollars are spent? People need services and education and our infrastructure is important for the benefit of all residents, regardless of how often they use those services. I have good health insurance, so I can afford to see a private doctor, but I am not going to deny services to those who can’t afford it.

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