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We got an absentee ballot for a previous owner who is deceased! Joker through the ages poster My son received a absentee ballot and he isn’t even registered to vote! We have gotten things twice now as well as others. Dont worry we are going in person if possible. Alot of postal workers now you cant trust. Democrats want to delegitimize the election, cause they know they lost, they want to sort through mail for months after election and will blame the head of the post office when Trump wins .

Joker through the ages poster

It’s true. They sent me a ballot… I didn’t even request for it. Voting in person. RED WAVE 2020. Joker through the ages poster Trump supporters do not use a mail-in ballot take your ass down to the polls so your vote does not get lost by USPS who is supporting Joe Biden There is no reason for the majority to vote by mail. The Dems are the biggest crooks in the world and their followers are too brainwashed to see them for who they are

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Joker through the ages poster

Yes I agree and they are trying to make you vote that way ,, my husband and I have both received them , threw them out,, we are voting at the poll!!! Joker through the ages poster We are aware that a few states have done this for years with almost no incidence or suspicion of fraud? Right? Why don’t you see what can be done to help those local officials get it right instead of complaining? Exercise the 14th amendment sections 3&4…they are interfering with the people right to vote…

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