Poster trucker east bound and down


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The U.S.A. was fortunate to have you as first lady for eight years. Poster trucker east bound and down You have many, many loving & supportive friends out here. You may never get to meet them, but do know you are in their thoughts & prayers. Thanks for your wonderful example. My girlfriends and I have a virtual wine video conference. As a matter of fact, we’re overdue! You are an inspiration to so many, thank you It is not I who is going through the crisis but my daughter. Her fiancee of 7 years and 4 months walked out on her in July. She thought she would just give up on life. Instead she found out who her real friends were and some she didn’t even know she… See More

Trucker east bound and down poster A2

Poster trucker east bound and down

Thank you my forever 1st Lady. Poster trucker east bound and down God bless America!!

Poster trucker east bound and down

Honestly I think I’ve lost my best friend of 25+ years over BLM. I still hold hope she’ll see the light and have grown closer to my own children as we wait for change and caring leadership to guide us forward. Poster trucker east bound and down I used to have girlfriends, and hangout, go to movies, and meet up at different local places and events….that was a long time ago, about 30+ years ago It is not easy to find simple important woman in this world like you. You are an inspiration for all. We thank you die your contribution and for your love.

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