Boxer Dog Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater

Boxer Dog Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater


Boxer Dog Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater

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If you’re considering bringing a Boxer into your family, it’s important to know what their household temperament is and how they behave around children. Potential owners should do their research to learn more about the dog breed and find out if the breed is a right fit.

Boxer Dog Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater

Keep in mind that although most Boxers posses certain characteristics, no two dogs of the same breed will have the exact same personality traits. Some people find it helpful to go meet the specific dog they are interested in adopting and introduce them to their family before making a final decision.

Boxer Dog Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater

Boxers & Children

A major factor of a Boxer’s temperament and ability to get along with children depends on how they were raised as a puppy. Some adopted dogs may have been raised in a household with young kids while others might not be used to them and will shy away from them. Boxer Dog Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater. With proper introduction, Boxers will get along with children because of their playful nature.

Boxer Dog Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater

The breed is known for a goofy personality and playfulness which children are drawn to. Sometimes they can be clumsy and run into kids while playing, but in general, Boxers make great playmates for kids.

The energetic personality of a Boxer is ideal for children who like to play outdoors. Boxers of all ages love running around, jumping, and playing with families outside all day.

Boxer Requirements

As with all dog breeds, Boxers have their own set of specific needs. Potential owners should consider the following requirements for owning a Boxer before deciding to bring one home to their family.


Boxers were bred for their stamina and strength. Although modern Boxers don’t need to chase down wild animals or hunt for food, they still have the instinctual need to get the same amount of exercise on a regular basis. They don’t like being indoors all day waiting for their owners to get home. Boxers prefer to run around, explore, and play with their family or other dogs.

If you do not find the time to exercise your dog, your Boxer will find other ways to unleash his energy such as destroying furniture, tearing up flower beds, chewing destructively, or barking excessively.

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